Accessing the right clinical trial for the right patient, just-in-time

The TIME Trial program is a just-in-time network of providers and clinical trials to support rapid patient identification, site activation, and enrollment.

Through the TIME Trial program, 2,600 oncologists and their patients have unprecedented access to a large portfolio of cutting-edge precision medicine trials.

A precision medicine approach to clinical trials

Tempus generates, organizes, and analyzes extensive amounts of data through our next-generation sequencing lab, AI-assisted clinical data structuring capabilities, and connectivity with researchers across the network. We support providers in identifying relevant and actionable clinical trials for their patients.



Tempus utilizes molecular sequencing results from NGS testing performed by its labs, or by other molecular labs, in combination with a patient’s clinical history to pre-screen for the most relevant clinical trials.


Our proprietary clinical trial matching software enables real-time matches for relevant, open, and recruiting clinical trials. Tempus’ team of trained abstractors manually reviews all protocol-specific inclusion and exclusion eligibility criteria for trials in the TIME Trial program.



All sites and sponsors participating in the TIME Trial program commit to a standard clinical trial agreement, a pre-negotiated budget, and the use of a central IRB. Additionally, Tempus’ team of dedicated, expert research liaisons support sites and sponsors in streamlining all recruitment and enrollment activities.

As a result, trial sites can activate in a fraction of the time compared to normal trial timelines.

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