2.1 Clinical Decision Support

Comprehensive Clinical Report

We provide physicians with a comprehensive report that fits into their workflow, making it easy to translate findings into personalized treatment decisions. Our reports are embedded with Tempus Insights, patient-specific insights derived from real world evidence to empower physicians with the necessary data to improve patient care.

Download a sample clinical report
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The Tempus Portal

Physicians will also have access to our real-time support tool offering deeper insight into the clinical report and access to additional research and analytics tools.


Clinical Trials

We identify clinical trial matches for patients that fit their molecular and phenotypic profile. Trials can be filtered by phase and distance to find the best match for each patient.


Our database indicates whether a patient may be a good candidate for immunotherapy by showing expression levels of immune cell biomarkers, using results from RNA sequencing and/or IHC staining and comparing these metrics to other patients with the same disease type. In addition, we offer a full array of immune profiling, including infiltration analysis, HLA typing, and neo-antigen prediction.


Tumor Board

We compile relevant data and insights to guide a tumor board discussion and determine the best treatment decisions for each patient.