Tempus xT Hematologic Malignancies DNA Sequencing

Tempus xR Whole Transcriptome RNA Sequencing

xT Heme + xR is a comprehensive assessment of DNA (648 genes) and RNA whole transcriptome sequencing, respectively, offering validated fusion detection*, prognostic and/or diagnostic considerations, and therapeutic matching for hematologic malignancies.


Current clinical guidelines recommend comprehensive genomic profiling in select hematologic malignancies to help inform diagnosis and risk stratification.1–4

Our reports include actionable information based on clinical and molecular findings, incorporating evidence from the MSK OncoKB database and NCCN GuidelinesⓇ5 , to provide therapeutic match options.


Myelodysplastic Syndromes (MDS)

xT Heme + xR can aid in diagnosis, provide information on clonality in uncertain cases, and assess prognosis using IPSS-M1.6

Acute Leukemias

xT Heme + xR can help inform subclassification and prognosis, guide treatment decisions and risk stratify patients based on molecular findings.7

Myeloproliferative Neoplasms (MPN)

xT Heme + xR can help inform a definitive diagnosis and identify certain mutations that have prognostic significance.8

Multiple Myeloma

xT Heme + xR may help inform risk categorization that may be of prognostic and/or therapeutic value.9,10


9 days from specimen receipt

Ordering Flexibility

Tempus offers a variety of options to customize molecular profiling for patients.

  • xT Heme and xR may be ordered as a standalone test or in combination
  • Streamlined ordering process through Tempus Hub, paper requisition, or directly from your EHR
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*Validated fusion detection encompasses the analysis of whole transcriptome RNA seq data and/or the examination of 22 specific genes through DNA seq.

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