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Data-driven solutions to help identify and treat cardiovascular disease

We build solutions that leverage routinely generated clinical data to help clinicians find patients with undiagnosed or under-treated cardiovascular disease.

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Our Solution

Tempus Air™

Tempus Air™ is an AI-platform for cardiovascular disease that will enable healthcare systems to add an ‘intelligent layer’ onto routinely generated data, to find appropriate patients for proactive care and disease management. Air ingests multimodal data, runs AI-based algorithms and surfaces insights for care teams to evaluate and action.

Our Science

Our foundation in cardiology is grounded in scientific research, rigor and clinical relevance, as demonstrated in high-impact publications on the clinical potential of our algorithms below.



    Composite “structural heart disease” prediction from 12-lead ECGs.

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    Incident AFib predictor based on 12-lead ECGs, and how it could be used to avoid AFib-related stroke.

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    Nature Medicine

    All-cause mortality prediction from 12-lead ECGs, including ECGs clinically interpreted as normal.

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    JACC: Heart Failure

    Machine learning approach to management of heart failure populations using EHR data.

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    Nature Biomedical Engineering

    All-cause mortality prediction from echocardiography videos.

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Our Differentiators

  • 300+

    direct data connections across over 1,700 healthcare institutions that order our products and services

  • 25+

    years of longitudinal data and millions of ECGs paired with outcomes, which powers algorithm development for cardiovascular disease research and care

  • FDA breakthrough

    device designation for our Atrial Fibrillation Software-as-a-medical-device (SaMD), recognizing its potential to help find and treat life-threatening and irreversibly debilitating disease

  • 10+

    other algorithms and SaMDs targeting cardiovascular diseases under development

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Prospective Evidence Generation via our ECG-AID Study

We have launched a multi-site prospective study with our beta partners to test our algorithms for atrial fibrillation and structural heart disease. The study is called ‘ECG-AID’ and is expected to enroll ~1,000 patients over the next year to validate prospective performance across multiple patient populations and data systems. More details can be found on clinicaltrials.gov (NCT05442203).

Partnering with Tempus is investing in the future

We believe that data-driven solutions can help shorten the diagnostic odyssey and improve the lives and outcomes of patients with cardiovascular disease.