Introducing the first step toward artificial intelligence enabled genomic reporting, to help you make data-driven treatment decisions.

The smart, voice-enabled platform brings Tempus’ proprietary platform to life and offers you near real-time access to patient insights anytime, anywhere. Tempus One has the ability to relay all of the information contained in our reports along with vast amounts of relevant additional data, seamlessly into your existing workflow.

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Tempus One is the first step toward AI-enabled genomic reporting to help you make data-driven treatment decisions anytime, anywhere.


Ask Tempus One questions about your clinical reports, quickly obtain the status of in-progress orders, find patient incidence by alteration and more.

Talk to lab test results


“Tempus One, open (patient)’s report”

“How many patients have I sequenced with (gene + variant)?”

“What is the median variant allele fraction for (patient)?”

“What is (patient)’s MSI status?”

Ask questions on the status of an order


“Tempus One, what is the status of (patient)’s order?”

“Are results available yet for (patient)?”

“Has (patient)’s tumor sample passed through Tempus pathology review?”

“When did Tempus receive (patient)’s tumor sample?”

Learn more about Tempus and our capabilities


“Tempus One, how many genes does the Tempus xT panel test?”

“Are there any additional tests offered with the Tempus xT panel?”

“Is the Tempus xT panel covered by insurance?”

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