This smart, voice-enabled, portable device and accompanying mobile app brings Tempus’ proprietary platform to life, offering physicians near real-time access to Tempus insights.

To alleviate the amount of time clinicians must spend on their computers, Tempus has designed ONE as a portable device and voice-enabled software platform with the ability to relay all of the information contained in our reports along with vast amounts of relevant additional data regarding that patient, in near real-time, seamlessly integrating into their existing workflow.

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Tempus ONE is the first step towards bringing the power of artificial intelligence to the point-of-care.


Physicians can ask Tempus ONE questions about their clinical reports, orders, patient incidence by alteration, and more.

Questions about a clinical report


“Tempus ONE, open (patient)’s report”

“Tempus ONE, how many patients have I sequenced with (gene)?”

“Tempus ONE, what is the median variant allele fraction for (patient)?”

“Tempus ONE, what is (patient)’s MSI status?”

Questions about an order


“Tempus ONE, what is the status of (patient)’s order?”

“Tempus ONE, are results available yet for (patient)?”

“Tempus ONE, has (patient)’s tumor sample passed through Tempus pathology review?”

“Tempus ONE, when did Tempus receive (patient)’s tumor sample?”

Questions about Tempus and our capabilities


“Tempus ONE, how many genes does the Tempus xT panel test?”

“Tempus ONE, are there any additional tests offered with the Tempus xT panel?”

“Tempus ONE, is the Tempus xT panel covered by insurance?”

“Tempus ONE, can Tempus test a bone biopsy for a Tempus xT panel?”


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