Your cancer is unique.

Your treatment should be, too.

At Tempus, we offer comprehensive genomic testing (DNA, RNA, etc). These next-generation sequencing tests can be performed to identify specific alterations that may drive the behavior of your cancer. This information may help your physician optimize a course of treatment based on your unique cancer.

If you and your physician decide that genomic testing is right for you, we work directly with your physician to obtain the necessary specimen samples and clinical information. A report with your results will be delivered to your physician, and he or she will contact you once the report has been received to discuss the results and determine the best next steps.

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"I already know–thanks to [Tempus] testing–my first, second, and third lines of defense."

Bobbie Marshall


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Tempus is committed to providing easy and affordable access to our tests and services.

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Apply for financial assistance online at

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Tempus will respond to your application immediately. If approved, your max out-of-pocket cost is no more than $100.

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Please contact if you are concerned about out-of-pocket costs and would like to discuss your options.

All U.S.-based patients are eligible to apply for financial assistance regardless of insurance status. For uninsured and international patients, we offer a self-pay option. If you have any questions, please email


Frequently asked questions

Can I order a test directly?

No. Tempus tests can only be ordered by your physician. If you’d like to advocate for your own Tempus testing, please email for documents and information you can share with your physician.

How will determining my genomic alterations support treatment plan decisions?

Knowing the alterations that are driving your cancer help identify targeted FDA-approved therapies and clinical trials that may be more effective treatment options for you. 

What is required to order a Tempus test?

Your doctor will need to order the test directly from Tempus by completing a simple requisition form. We will coordinate the collection of specimen samples (blood or saliva, as necessary) and will request a tumor sample from your hospital’s pathology department, when relevant.

How does Tempus obtain my tumor sample for testing?

We will work with your hospitalʼs pathology department to obtain your tissue sample. Your tumor sample will be sent to our secure molecular sequencing lab.

What is included in the final patient report?

Your physician will receive our comprehensive report that contains information regarding your tumor biology, potential targeted therapies, and your medical history. The report will highlight recruiting clinical trial options, if available, that fit your profile. We also provide other biologically relevant insights for deeper exploration of available therapeutic options.

How long does it take to get my results?

From the time Tempus receives the necessary specimen samples, it typically takes approximately two weeks to sequence and generate your patient report. Your physician will contact you when the results are ready.

How do I get a copy of my test results?

The report will be sent to your physician, and he or she will discuss the results with you.

Is the test covered by my health insurance or by Medicare?

Tempus accepts all insurance plans. We will work with your insurance company to submit for reimbursement. If coverage is denied, Tempus will file an appeal(s) on your behalf.

Do you offer financial assistance to patients?

Yes. Tempus offers a comprehensive patient assistance program. Through our program, eligible patients may reduce their total financial responsibility to anywhere between $0-$100. Apply for assistance at

Is the Tempus test right for me?

Our services explore options for all patients, including those with metastatic, refractory and recurrent cancer; cancer of unknown origin; rare or uncommon solid tumors with limited treatment options; or solid tumors not responding to standard of care. It’s up to your doctor to decide if genomic testing can help in your cancer treatment.

What makes a Tempus test unique?

Our comprehensive approach structures your clinical data and tests hundreds of cancer related genes to better understand your unique disease and optimize treatment options. By testing both your tumor tissue DNA and your normal tissue DNA, as well as your tumor tissue RNA, we improve the detection of tumor-specific alterations, which allows us to provide deeper insights about your tumor’s biology and match potential therapy options that may be effective in treating your unique cancer type.

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