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Working with the top hospitals in North America

In the rapidly changing world of cancer care and precision medicine, Tempus is the established leader. They provide rapid, accurate results while also continuing to develop innovative strategies to improve patient outcomes. With a focus on both clearly defining actionable mutations and extending treatment options by matching specific patients to specific local and national studies, Tempus is directly changing the patients' lives.

Joseph K Hofmeister, MD, OhioHealth

Working with the top hospitals in North America

Breast cancer care has involved use of biomarkers for years in order to determine appropriate therapy. Genomic information has now been added to the list of crucial biomarkers needed to know how to treat metastatic breast cancer patients with the approval of targeted therapy for BRCA and PIK3CA mutations. Having this information also gives a patient the best opportunity to consider one of numerous biomarker driven clinical trials. These options allow as personalized an approach to treatment as possible and I have no doubt that genomic data will continue to transform the way patients are treated as our field moves forward.

Megan Kruse, MD, Cleveland Clinic

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Our Science

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    Nature Biotechnology Study Reveals that Tempus’ xT Platform Increases Cancer Patients’ Personalized Therapeutic Opportunities

    Extensive molecular profiling combined with clinical data identifies targeted therapies and clinical trials for a large proportion of cancer patients, and paired tumor/normal plus transcriptome sequencing outperforms tumor-only DNA panel testing.

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    Validation of a Liquid Biopsy Assay with Molecular and Clinical Profiling of Circulating Tumor DNA

    Actionable variants would have been missed if only solid tumor or liquid biopsy tests were performed. Thus, we believe that liquid biopsies provide value to patients when used in combination with standard tissue genotyping.

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    Rate of Incidental Germline Findings Detected by Tumor-Normal Matched Sequencing in Cancer Types Lacking Hereditary Cancer Testing Guidelines

    This study found that Tumor-normal (T/N) matched next-generation sequencing (NGS) has multiple advantages including enhanced variant classification and incidental germline variant discovery that may be missed with a guidelines-based approach.

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Featured News and Events

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    Eric Lefkofsky joins the Washington Post’s “Chasing Cancer” series

    Tempus founder and CEO Eric Lefkofsky discusses the state of precision medicine with reporter Yasmeen Abutaleb.

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    Tempus introduces the DPYD predictive diagnostic test to its growing collection of algorithms

    The newest Tempus algorithmic predictive test assesses for relevant mutations in the DPYD gene and helps physicians better identify patients at potential risk for toxicity to certain chemotherapies.

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    Tempus and Cedars-Sinai collaborate on a new precision medicine initiative

    As part of the collaboration, Cedars-Sinai is leveraging Tempus’ genomic sequencing tests and data structuring capabilities for a variety of clinical and research efforts.

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Validations and Resources

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    Tempus xT Validation

    Our Tempus xT assay is designed to detect actionable oncologic targets by sequencing tumor samples with matched normal saliva or blood samples, when available.

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    Tempus xF Validation

    Our non-invasive Tempus xF liquid biopsy assay detects cell-free DNA (cfDNA) in blood specimens of advanced solid tumor patients.

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    Standard Requisition Form

    We offer an easy ordering process which allows you to order any of somatic and germline panels along with our add-on tests like HRD, TO and DPYD.

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