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Integrated, multimodal insights in your Electronic Health Record (EHR)

As a leader in EHR integrations, Tempus has helped our partners incorporate actionable data and insights into clinical workflows to improve patient care and accelerate precision medicine programs.

Tempus has built a secure and integrated platform to generate, collect, structure, and analyze the necessary data to personalize a patient’s treatment plan and therapeutic options through:

  • Seamless EHR Ordering and Result Delivery

    Place orders and receive results during the course of care and at the point of care, directly in your EHR, allowing you to remain focused on patient care.

  • Unlocking Structured Genomic Data

    Discrete genomic data powers precision medicine decision making, advanced analytics, and clinical research in your EHR and ancillary decision-support systems.

  • Leveraging Real World Data

    Take advantage of Tempus’ rapidly growing multimodal dataset capabilities to structure, unify, and normalize your data for clinical trial matching, precision medicine analytics, publications, and AI development.


I think this is in perfect alignment with Tempus's vision - the more data that's shared by everyone, the better off we all are.

Dr. Ben Ho Park, Professor of Medicine and Director of Precision Oncology, Vanderbilt-Ingram Cancer Center

Watch our webinar with Vanderbilt to hear more about how we are harnessing genomic data in the Epic Genomics Module to power precision medicine solutions

Our Impact

  • 200+

    integrations across the country

  • 1st

    NGS laboratory to deliver structured somatic variant results directly into Epic’s Genomics module

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The integration of Epic and Tempus is a major advance in caring for patients with cancer. Until now in most institutions across the country, cancer genomic testing is done outside of their EHR platform. Integrating Tempus with Epic brings cancer genomic testing within the normal oncology clinical workflow. This ensures genomic testing is done with the appropriate patient, testing is not missed, and errors are avoided.

Dr. Janakiraman Subramanian, Director of Thoracic Oncology and Center for Precision Oncology at Saint Luke’s Cancer Institute

Learn more about our partnership with St. Luke’s Health System

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