What to Expect

If your healthcare provider orders a Tempus|nP test, you will provide a saliva sample for testing.

The sample can be collected in two ways: in the clinic with your provider, or at home if ordered by your provider.

The test will take about 5-10 minutes to complete, from start to finish. Detailed instructions for the saliva collection are provided once your healthcare provider orders the test.

Once Tempus receives your sample, your provider will receive a report of your results in about 2 weeks.

This report will provide your healthcare provider with information about your genes and how they may influence your body’s metabolism of certain medications. This information may help your provider better manage your medications or treatment plan, creating a more personalized care plan for you.

What happens next?

All treatment decisions should be made by your treating provider, and should take into account your full clinical history. These results may help your provider make more informed decisions about choosing or managing your medication(s).


We’re here to help.

Tempus is committed to providing easy and affordable access to our tests and services.

Apply for financial assistance

Step 1

Apply for financial assistance online at access.tempus.com. We encourage all U.S. patients to apply.

Step 2

Tempus will respond to your application quickly. Most applicants who qualify pay no more than $100. Please note: regardless of your application status, Tempus will bill your insurance. The financial assistance will be applied should there be any remaining patient responsibility.

Step 3

Please contact billing@tempus.com if you are concerned about out-of-pocket costs and would like to discuss your options.

All U.S.-based patients are eligible to apply for financial assistance regardless of insurance status. For uninsured and international patients, we offer a self-pay option. If you have any questions, please email patients@tempus.com.


Authorization for Medical Records: Through access.tempus.com, you will be directed to our Notice and Authorization for Medical Records authorization form. This optional form allows us to request outcomes and other medical records from your health care providers. Please see the form for more information.


Patient Resources

Learn more about Tempus and our PGx testing.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Can I order a test directly?

Only licensed medical professionals can order a Tempus nP test.

How can I ask my provider for a test if he or she does not request one on their own?

If you are interested in a Tempus test, you can ask your provider if he or she has heard of Tempus for pharmacogenomic testing. However, they would need to prescribe your test in order for you to complete it. They can contact us to learn more.

How will determining my genetic makeup change my mental health care?

Your results will inform your provider about how your body processes or metabolizes different medications. Your provider may consider these results in deciding which medication to prescribe and at what dose. Your provider may also choose not to change your treatment based on the test results.

What is required to order a Tempus test?

Your provider will fill out our order requisition form to order the test.

What does the test entail?

The Tempus nP test is done through a saliva test. Once your provider orders a test for you, you will provide a saliva sample and send it back to our lab.

How does Tempus obtain my saliva sample for testing?

Tempus obtains a saliva sample using a specimen collection kit. This kit can either be completed at your doctor’s office or we can ship it directly to your home after your test has been ordered by your provider.

How long does it take to get my results?

Once we receive your saliva sample, it takes approximately 2 weeks to sequence and generate your report. The report is delivered to your provider.

How do I get a copy of my test results?

The report will be sent to the provider who ordered your test, and he or she will discuss the results with you.

Is the test covered by my health insurance or by Medicare/Medicaid?

Tempus accepts all insurance plans. We will work with your insurance company to submit for reimbursement. If coverage is denied, Tempus will file an appeal(s) on your behalf.

Do you offer financial assistance to patients?

Yes. Tempus offers a comprehensive patient assistance program. Through our program, eligible patients may reduce their total financial responsibility to anywhere between $0-$100. Apply for assistance at access.tempus.com.

Is the Tempus nP test right for me?

It is important to talk to your provider to find out if a Tempus nP test is right for you! If you have not had success in finding a medication/dose combination that works well for managing your mental health, the Tempus nP test may be able to help.

What makes a Tempus nP test unique?

Our comprehensive approach tests 15 genes and structures your clinical data to help inform your physician. We also provide reference information of publicly available clinical evidence such as clinical guidelines and peer-reviewed publications.

How is my information used?

Please see our Privacy Policy and our HIPAA Notice of Privacy Practices for more information.

Questions about Tempus or submitting a sample: help@tempus.com or 800.739.4137

Questions about our billing process: billing@tempus.com

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