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Tempus provides integrated solutions to help meet your needs from early discovery through commercialization.

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Lens enables you to analyze Tempus’ library of 6M+ de-identified research records, helping to uncover critical insights that can accelerate innovation and improve patient outcomes.

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We partner with scientists and researchers to accelerate the drug development process

  • 95%

    of the top 20 pharma oncology companies partner with Tempus

  • 200+

    biopharma partnerships

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Data Collaborations

  • ~6M

    de-identified research records to power scientific discovery to improve patient outcomes

  • 900K+

    records with matched clinical data linked with genomic information

  • 200K+

    records with whole transcriptome profiles

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  • 9

    NGS tests for clinical trial and research sequencing

  • 6.5K+

    oncologists rely on Tempus as their precision medicine partner

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Clinical Trial Solutions

  • ~10

    business days for just-in-time trial activation

  • 90+

    health systems representing 500+ sites

  • 30K+

    patients have been identified for potential enrollment into clinical trials in our network

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Our Impact

Thanks to Tempus, we are able to identify patients that can be helped with our proprietary TMod™ platform. Without them, we wouldn’t be able to do this.

William Go, SVP, Head of Development at A2 Biotherapeutics (TMod™ is a trademark of A2 Biotherapeutics)

Our Impact

Tempus is a leader in the field of personalized medicine, and like Genmab, Tempus has a mission to improve the lives of cancer patients. We are looking forward to expanding our exciting partnership with them and to the possibility of discovering important new oncology targets and biomarkers.

Jan van de Winkel, Ph.D., Chief Executive Officer of Genmab

Learn more about our partnership with Genmab
Our Impact

Bayer’s strong focus in precision medicine combined with Tempus’ unique testing offering has culminated in this collaboration to bring genomic testing to cancer patients.

Bhavesh Ashar, Senior Vice President, Head of U.S. Oncology at Bayer

Learn more about our partnership with Bayer
Our Impact

Our partnership with Tempus will enable us to collect important retrospective information about the patients enrolled in the dose escalation part of our clinical trial that we can potentially use to inform enrollment in the expansion stage of our study.

Jorge DiMartino, Chief Medical Officer and Executive Vice President, Clinical Development at Kronos Bio

Learn more about our partnership with Kronos

Featured Resources


    Q&A: Increasing diverse patient enrollment and accrual in oncology clinical trials

    Oncologists from The Oncology Institute of Hope and Innovation (TOI) discuss strategies for how they achieve non-white ethnicity patient enrollment in their clinical trial portfolio.

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    Unlocking the power of RNA in drug development

    Hear insights from industry leaders on understanding, leveraging, and validating RNA in the drug development process.

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    Streamlining clinical trial operational overhead at a multi-location, community-based cancer care center

    The Oncology Institute of Hope and Innovation (TOI) highlights how the Tempus TIME program amplified the ability to identify the right patient for the right study at the right time, while reducing the time and resources needed to open new clinical trials.

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    Impact of multimodal data in translational science

    In this panel session we spoke to Translational Scientists who have been utilizing multi-modal insights in their daily work and discussed what new information can come to light by utilizing these tools.

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    Tempus’ FDA approval and insights on the use of companion diagnostics in clinical development

    In this webinar, you will hear how the Tempus platform can support development of new therapies by combining real-world data, next-generation sequencing, and artificial-intelligence to advance precision oncology. Our regulatory and scientific experts will provide an overview of the pathways for diagnostics and share best practices for biopharma and biotech sponsors to consider in clinical trial design and the development of companion diagnostics.

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    The value of RNA sequencing in drug discovery

    Learn the value of RNA Sequencing in identifying altered expression programs in tumors that are measurable by RNA-Seq but not DNA-Seq.

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    Industry Expert Theater Presentation* from the 2023 ASCO® Annual Meeting

    Hear from Drs. Ezra Cohen, Kate Sasser and Calvin Chao from Tempus as they explore the intersection of real world data, machine learning, and genomic sequencing to revolutionize patient care. They discuss Tempus’ suite of technologies and NGS platform which work together to rapidly deliver insights that are transforming precision oncology from clinical development to the oncology practice.

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    Precision medicine made real: enhancing genetic testing with AI algorithms

    Genetic testing has been a breakthrough in clinical research and patient profiling, allowing providers to pinpoint the precise factors in a person’s genome that may affect their health or response to treatments.

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    Leveraging Tempus AI and multimodal data to increase probability of technical success in Biopharma

    Advances in oncology treatments over the past 20 years have significantly extended patients’ life expectancy.

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