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Tempus Hub

Hub is a secure platform that streamlines your workflows and gives you access to patient insights.

Tempus Hub

Easily order and manage results

Streamlined test ordering logistics made easy with an intuitive order form, real-time order status tracking, option for add-on tests for additional insights, and the convenience of adding Mobile Phlebotomy for qualifying patients at the time of order.

See reports with smart, actionable results

Our smart reports provide comprehensive insights, integrating molecular and clinical results to guide therapeutic match based on MSK’s OncoKB™ and NCCN and clinical trial opportunities. Additionally, longitudinal tracking of biomarkers to inform treatment resistance and disease progression is reported for patients who receive multiple xF / xF+ liquid biopsy tests.

Consult with peers

Effortlessly collaborate on complex patient cases by securely sharing de-identified patient reports through a secure platform, and facilitate seamless communication across multidisciplinary teams.

Unlock real-world insights

See other patients similar to your patient and get deep understandings about treatment plans.

24/7 accessibility

Access Hub 24/7 at your fingertips through your mobile and desktop platforms, easily set your notification preferences and utilize single sign-on (SSO) for added convenience.

Tempus One, our AI assistant, helps you access patient information quickly and so much more.

See the full power of Tempus One
Add-on to orders and easily see results
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Filter patients by alteration, gene or diagnoses and then download the data to help you make decisions or advance your research
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Query MSK’s OncoKB™ for evidence-based therapy information or find the most relevant clinical trials for you to evaluate for your patient
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Quickly search for relevant publications through PubMed®
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Tempus Hub is on desktop, mobile, and in your EHR.

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This is data-driven precision medicine

This is the future of healthcare.