2.4 Companion Diagnostics


Shortening time to market and reducing cost of development

Save time

Tempus provides an established, validated platform to reduce development time and cost associated with companion diagnostic approval.

Improve program success

As one of the leaders pioneering real-world data, Tempus’ robust clinico-genomics database can be used in tandem with trial sequencing data to set up control arms, compare trial data to real-world data, and generate clinically-meaningful comparator data throughout the trial. Tempus’ sequencing data covers DNA tumor/normal, RNA transcriptome, and key immunotherapy metrics, allowing for a more holistic view to stratify likely responders.

Immediate commercialization

Companion diagnostic markers will be incorporated into assays already being used today by thousands of oncologists. Tempus provides a seamless commercialization and reimbursement strategy at launch.

Tempus provides a platform upon which to build a comprehensive companion diagnostic program, offering a portfolio solution leveraged by thousands of oncologists.

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