Comprehensive solutions for every stage of clinical development

Tempus leverages best-in-class laboratories to provide a variety of next-generation sequencing (NGS) tests and targeted arrays to support testing needs from discovery through to commercialization.

strategic support for multiple stakeholders and projects
  • Retrospective Studies

    Sequencing of bio-banked samples to identify molecular drivers in an early-phase clinical trial

  • Prospective Clinical Trials Support

    Sequencing to support patient eligibility screening and molecular characterization of patients enrolled across later phase trial under a significant risk IDE

  • Companion Diagnostic Development

    Analytical and clinical validation of multiple biomarkers under a NGS assay for pursuit of a companion diagnostic partnership

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  • Sponsored Testing

    Testing specific cohorts of patients to identify appropriate patients for targeted therapies in rare patient populations

  • Investigator-initiated Trials

    Centralized sequencing, bioinformatics and common data standards for all of a pharmaceutical partner’s IITs (1,000+ patients enrolled in 10+ separate investigator-initiated trials)

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Proven partnership

  • 200+

    biopharma partners

  • 95%

    of the top 20 oncology pharma companies rely on Tempus*

  • ~65%

    of all Academic Medical Centers in the US are connected to Tempus

* based on publicly available 2022 oncology segment revenue
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Our assays

xT-CDxTempus xT CDx*

648 gene panel, tumor/normal matched for solid tumors, and two companion diagnostic (CDx) claims for colorectal cancer (CRC) patients

  • 500x median coverage of  tumor samples
  • 95% of exons at >150x coverage
  • ≥98% of exons at ≥100x coverage
  • SNVs, MNVs, insertions /deletions, MSI

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xTTempus xT

648 gene panel, tumor/normal matched. Heme and solid tumors

  • ~500x coverage
  • SNVs, insertions / deletions, CNVs, fusions for select genes, MSI, TMB

May be ordered as a standalone assay or in combination with xR.

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xRTempus xR

Whole transcriptome RNA seq panel for solid tumors and hematologic malignancies

May be ordered as a standalone assay or in combination with xT.

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xF+Tempus xF+

523 gene liquid biopsy panel (114 gene enhanced region). Solid tumors

  • Clinical sequencing is performed to >5000x and >1500x unique coverage for enhanced and additional regions, respectively
  • SNVs, insertions / deletions, CNVs, and fusions for select genes, MSI-H, bTMB

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xETempus xE

Whole exome, tumor/normal matched and whole transcriptome RNA-seq. Heme and solid tumors

  • DNA: ~500x (650 genes), 250x for rest
  • RNA: ~50 million reads
  • DNA: SNVs, insertions / deletions, CNVs, TMB, MSI
  • RNA: Fusions, expression, altered splicing

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xGxG+Tempus xG/xG+

52 or 88 gene panel, covers genes associated most common hereditary cancer types

  • DNA: ~500x coverage
  • DNA: SNVs, insertions / deletions, CNVs, fusions

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xFTempus xM Monitor

ctDNA Tumor Fraction Calculation & Monitoring

A ctDNA assay which measures changes in ctDNA tumor fraction to determine early response to immunotherapy for patients with advanced cancers. Currently available for research use only.

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xFTempus xM MRD

Minimal Residual Disease Detection

Tumor-naïve minimal residual disease (MRD) test for recurrence monitoring. Utilizes both DNA variant and methylation workflows for a binary MRD call. Available for research use only (RUO).

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* xT CDx is a qualitative Next Generation Sequencing (NGS)-based in vitro diagnostic device intended for use in the detection of substitutions (single nucleotide variants (SNVs) and multi-nucleotide variants (MNVs)) and insertion and deletion alterations (INDELs) in 648 genes, as well as microsatellite instability (MSI) status, using DNA isolated from Formalin-Fixed Paraffin Embedded (FFPE) tumor tissue specimens, and DNA isolated from matched normal blood or saliva specimens, from previously diagnosed cancer patients with solid malignant neoplasms. The test is intended as a companion diagnostic (CDx) to identify patients who may benefit from treatment with the targeted therapies listed in the Companion Diagnostic Indications table in accordance with the approved therapeutic product labeling. Additionally, xT CDx is intended to provide tumor mutation profiling to be used by qualified health care professionals in accordance with professional guidelines in oncology for patients with previously diagnosed solid malignant neoplasms. Genomic findings other than those listed in the Companion Diagnostic Indications table are not prescriptive or conclusive for labeled use of any specific therapeutic product. xT CDx is a single-site assay performed at Tempus Labs, Inc., Chicago, IL.For the complete xT CDx label, including companion diagnostic indications and important risk information, please visit

Tempus IO™

Our comprehensive immunotherapy platform supplements Tempus next-gen sequencing services, enabling assessment of the following:

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  • Tumor Mutational Burden (TMB)

  • Microsatellite Instability (MSI) Status 

  • Gene Expression Target Profiling

  • Neoantigen Prediction

  • Human Leukocyte Antigen (HLA) Typing

  • HLA Loss of Heterozygosity (LOH)

  • Immune Infiltration

  • Oncogenic Virus

  • TCR/BCR Repertoire Profiling

  • Mismatch Repair (MMR) Proteins by IHC

  • PD-L1 Protein Quantification by IHC

  • Mechanisms of Tumor Resistance to Immunotherapy

Powering clinical development with data and technology

We operate CAP-accredited, CLIA-certified robotic sequencing labs in Chicago, Atlanta, and Raleigh with automated bioinformatics and variant classification reporting. Sequencing is completed within 8–10 days on average of receiving samples.

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High-throughput solutions for comprehensive datasets

Tempus’ extensive suite of multi-omics offerings provides pharma partners with key datasets for a critical, integrated, and holistic understanding of their populations.

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  1. Genotyping: Robust portfolio of solutions through Illumina & Thermo Fisher, offering solutions for data projects of all sizes

  2. Methylation: Epigenetic & DNA methylation profiling from one of the highest throughput methylation labs in the US

  3. Whole Genome, Exome & Transcriptome Sequencing: Powerful WGS, flexible WES and WTS, and cost-effective Low Pass WGS

  4. Metagenomics: Microbiome analysis support through shotgun or 16s rRNA sequencing


One integrated solution for all phases of drug development

  • Tempus Data

    The largest multimodal database library of more than 6 million de-identified research records to support novel biomarker discovery, hypothesis validation, and late stage clinical trial design.

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  • Tempus Lens

    An intuitive and comprehensive multi-modal data platform that powers new insights across the R&D spectrum, helping pharma make smarter decisions and launch molecules more efficiently.

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  • Tempus Explore

    Empowers pharma partners with access to bioinformatics experts to help answer research questions comprehensively and reach objectives efficiently.

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