AI-enabled solution to detect and track longitudinal changes in lung nodules

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Tempus Pixel offers advanced analysis and automated reporting from routine CT images to help improve efficiency and accuracy in detecting and tracking changes in lung nodules over time, aiding providers in making informed diagnostic and disease management decisions.

nodule detection

Automatically detects and segments lung nodules in CT images, helping providers to efficiently and accurately identify potentially significant findings1,2,3

nodule quantification

Automatically quantifies and localizes lung nodules in Lung CT images to help providers make efficient, consistent, and accurate assessments1,2

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nodule tracking

Automatically tracks changes in lung nodules across exams over time with tabular and graphical results for deeper insights into disease progression1,2

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nodule reporting

Automatically builds standardized reporting that summarizes findings and relevant information, including scoring recommendations, for easy interpretation

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Malignancy risk stratification

Improves the non-invasive stratification of CT identified nodules at the time of nodule detection with the nodule malignancy score4

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  1. In the U.S., Tempus Pixel Lung is FDA-cleared (K173542) but is not indicated for lung nodule detection. Lung nodule automated detection and quantification is powered by InferRead CT (K192880). Arterys Inc is the manufacturer of Tempus Pixel Lung, excluding any third party components described in this list. Infervision is the manufacturer of InferRead CT.
  2. In the Tempus Pixel Lung is CE marked and indicated for lung nodule detection.
  3. Kozuka T, Matsukubo Y, Kadoba T, et al. Efficiency of a computer-aided diagnosis (CAD) system with deep learning in detection of pulmonary nodules on 1-mm-thick images of computed tomography. Jpn J Radiol. 2020;38(11):1052-1061.
  4. RUO indication for US and EU.

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