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At Tempus, we are revolutionizing the way precision oncology care is delivered. By leveraging the power of clinical and molecular data, we offer comprehensive genomic profiling services that are reshaping the way cancer is diagnosed and treated.

Our single platform is a one-stop-shop for all your cancer testing needs, with a comprehensive portfolio and a vast multimodal database, we are making precision medicine a reality for patients everywhere.

Tempus One now available for all providers

Our AI-enabled clinical assistant allows you to interact via text or voice to get access to patient insights fast. Available now through Tempus Hub in desktop and the mobile app.


Forging a new path in precision oncology


Maximize biomarker detection and identify more clinically actionable variants linked to targeted therapy options.

In a pan-cancer analysis, 9% of patients with actionable variants had unique actionable variants found in liquid biopsy that were not detected in solid tumor alone.1

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xF Liquid Biopsy concordance with xT Solid Tumor NGS Read more


Enable a more complete understanding of clinically actionable fusions and altered splicing.

29% more patients were identified with a unique, clinically actionable fusion that matched to a targeted therapy with addition of RNA sequencing, compared to DNA sequencing alone.2

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The value of RNA sequencing Read more


Provides accurate insight through true identification of somatic alterations and maximizes targeted therapy opportunities.

28% reduction in somatic false-positive calls, improving variant accuracy compared to a tumor-only analysis.3

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The clinical benefits of tumor + normal match sequencing Watch now


Expansive and developing portfolio of algorithmic testing capabilities and digital pathology platform leveraging 6M+ de-identified research records.

Tempus One: the first step toward artificial intelligence enabled genomic reporting, to help you make data-driven precision medicine decisions.

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Tempus One Read more


Providing a comprehensive view of your patient’s molecular profile.

Identify patients with hereditary risk through streamlined cancer testing.

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The value of integrated clinical-molecular data Read more

Our comprehensive test offerings

  • xT

Solid Tumor + Normal Match

648 gene DNA sequencing panel

MSI Status, TMB

—IHC analysis of PD-L1 and MMR proteins

  • xR

Solid Tumor + Hematologic Malignancies

Whole-transcriptome RNA sequencing panel

—IHC analysis of PD-L1 and MMR proteins

  • xT

Hematologic Malignancies

648 gene DNA sequencing panel

  • xF

Liquid Biopsy

105 gene cfDNA sequencing panel

MSI-H status

  • xG
  • xG+

Germline (Powered by GeneDx)

52/88 gene panel for hereditary cancers

  • xE

Whole Exome

19,000+ gene DNA sequencing panel


—IHC analysis of PD-L1 and MMR proteins

Algorithmic Tests


Ordering flexibility to help optimize your workflow

Tempus Hub

View interactive and in-depth next-generation sequencing results in the context of a patient’s clinical history, filterable treatment applications and clinical trials, derived from our vast library of molecular profiling data.

To access the Hub platform, visit hub.securetempus.com, and select the “Request Access” button.

Available on both desktop and mobile devices.

Download the Tempus mobile app
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EHR Integration

Take advantage of Tempus’ rapidly growing multimodal dataset capabilities to structure, unify, and normalize your data for clinical trial matching, precision medicine analytics, publications, and AI development.

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Mobile Phlebotomy

We want to make blood draw services as convenient as possible for your patients. We help your patients to schedule a blood draw appointment at a location convenient to them.

To schedule an appointment, please call 800.739.4137 or utilize the Mobile Phlebotomy Request Form.

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Financial Assistance

We help provide access to our tests for all patients in financial need

Approval of the financial assistance application is based on your household income and takes into account all life circumstances. Once a financial assistance application is submitted either online or over the phone, you will receive a decision at the time of submission. 

  • Step 1

    Apply for financial assistance online at access.tempus.com.

  • Step 2

    If approved, you will know immediately about the maximum out-of-pocket cost of your testing.

  • Step 3

    Please contact billing@tempus.com if you are concerned about out-of-pocket costs and would like to discuss your options.

    All U.S.-based patients are eligible to apply for financial assistance regardless of insurance status. For uninsured and international patients, we offer a self-pay option. If you have any questions, please email patients@tempus.com.

Notice and Authorization for Medical Records

Tempus is working to make precision medicine a reality for cancer patients. Each person’s cancer and medical circumstances are unique. Tempus has a database of de-identified health information from many cancer patients. We believe we can improve cancer care and research, in the United States and abroad, by adding more de-identified health information to our database.

Through access.tempus.com, you will be directed to our Notice and Authorization for Medical Records authorization form. This optional form allows us to request outcomes and other medical records from your health care providers. Please see the Notice and Authorization for Medical Records form for more information.

  1. Based on a retrospective study involving a cohort of randomly selected patients with breast cancer, CRC, NSCLC, and prostate cancer. Mackay M, Mitsiades N, Chae YK, et al. Dual tissue and plasma testing to improve detection of actionable variants in patients with solid cancers. JCO. 2022;40(16_suppl):3017.  All analyses were limited to variants that met the limit-of-detection criteria for both xT and xF (104 genes). Actionability was defined as indication-matched variants with OncoKB Level 1, 2 or R1 evidence.
  2. Based on a retrospective study involving a cohort of randomly selected patients with tumor types including low grade glioma, sarcoma, glioblastoma, bladder, NSCLC and biliary tract cancer, where a fusion was detected in 2.5% of samples overall (n=2,156/84,938). Michuda J, Park BH, Cummings AL, et al. Use of clinical RNA-sequencing in the detection of actionable fusions compared to DNA-sequencing alone. JCO. 2022;40(16_suppl):3077.
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