• Oncology

    For oncology providers, we deliver a comprehensive view of your patients through our suite of genomic profiling and trial matching offerings.

  • Neurology & Psychiatry

    For mental health professionals, our pharmacogenomic (PGx) results and gene-drug interaction information can help make precision medicine a reality for all your patients.

  • Cardiology

    For clinicians, we build solutions that leverage routinely generated clinical data to help find patients with undiagnosed or under-treated cardiovascular disease.

  • Academic & Research Centers

    For clinicians associated with advanced research initiatives, Tempus provides next-generation genomic profiling, biological organoid modeling, image/pattern AI recognition, and a range of clinical trial and research collaborations.

  • EHR Integration

    With a dedicated team of integration experts, we offer a fully interoperable solution for clinical ordering and returning results back

This is data-driven precision medicine

This is the future of healthcare.