Diverse Provider Network

Patient data is normalized and de-identified from numerous electronic health records across NCI-designated cancer centers, academic medical centers, and community-based hospitals

Rich Clinical Data

Our customized natural language processing organizes clinical data pulled from multiple electronic medical records, including progress notes, path reports, and radiology scans/reports

Deep Genomic Data

DNA and RNA based alterations are captured via next-generation sequencing and immunotherapy metrics are clinically measured for patient cases

Partnering with Tempus


Partners leverage our large and growing database of clinical and molecular data to analyze thousands of variables across DNA and RNA targets to identify biomarker signatures linked to super responders or non-responders.


We facilitate intelligent trial design powered by clinical and molecular data, identifying the right trial characteristics for the right locations to accelerate enrollment and improve trial outcomes. In addition, we can use real-world evidence to support synthetic control arms.


Tempus can build data sets of clinical and molecular data at an unprecedented rate to create proprietary data sets for analysis across a wide variety of patient cohorts.

As an exclusive licensee to ASCO, the American Society of Clinical Oncology, and CancerLinQ, an ASCO nonprofit subsidiary and health information technology platform that works with over 2,000 medical oncologists across over a million cancer patient records to date, Tempus will accelerate development and delivery of high quality, de-identified clinical databases for use by the broader cancer community.

Tempus and Precision Health AI bring first-rate technical capacity that complements CancerLinQ’s existing strengths. They share our vision for improving patient care and have the right combination of experience and commitment to innovation to help us provide better information, faster, to subscribing practices and the rest of the cancer community.”
Dr. Clifford Hudis, MD, FACP, FASCO, CEO of the American Society of Clinical Oncology and Chairman of the CancerLinQ Board of Governor

Discover the power of real-world data enriched with clinical and molecular data.

  • Data sourced from EHRs
  • DNA & RNA sequencing Data
  • Response/Outcomes Data

Find out why Tempus is the best partner for you to build the necessary precision data sets of the future.

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