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Accelerate insights for drug discovery and trial design

Lens is a self-service oncology data analytics platform that enables Life Sciences companies to identify and analyze cohorts of interest to uncover critical research and development insights quickly.

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Analyze data in minutes not months

With ~200 petabytes of data, Tempus has generated one of the largest structured clinical and molecular databases in the world, including DNA and RNA sequencing data with pathology images. Lens is a self-service analytics platform that delivers on-demand access to Tempus multimodal data.

Built to scale with your needs, Lens includes an ever-growing number of pre-built data visualizations, analyses, and notebooks, empowering you to quickly obtain valuable insights for drug development while eliminating the need to build your own IT infrastructure.

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Use the in-page chat to tell us about the cohort you want to analyze in Lens or ask us any questions about the platform. We’ll provide more information about how Lens can help you meet your specific goals.

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Understand disease characteristics and treatments at a glance

Pre-built analyses in Lens help you characterize and understand patient populations that match your inclusion/exclusion criteria. Get immediate, on-demand access to visualizations covering:

  • Primary diagnosis and stage
  • Demographic representation
  • Prevalent treatment regimens
  • Somatic variant frequency and co-mutations
  • Time on therapies, and more
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Seamlessly uncover critical insights, no systems setup required

Ingest and query data for your cohort in Lens’ cloud-hosted compute environment. Choose from dozens of templated notebooks to easily write and execute code to perform a broad range of analyses on records licensed from Tempus, including raw and processed molecular files (BAMs, VCFs), whole slide pathology images (IHC/H&E), structured and de-identified clinical data and complex machine learning models.

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Top organizations use Tempus Lens to uncover actionable analytics

Visual data exploration in Lens is key to exploring ideas in minutes on large datasets. It helps lower the bar to access the data, and having this capability up front makes it easy to then move to deeper analysis.

Markus Bauer, Principal Scientist, Boehringer Ingelheim

The ability to filter patients and mutations in Lens offers a more precise look at patient populations and their genomic landscapes. By adding Lens to an arsenal of other products and services, Tempus has made it easy to interact with large datasets and quickly extract meaningful insights.


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