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About Tempus

Tempus is building the infrastructure to assist doctors and other healthcare professionals by providing tools to help modernize cancer treatment. By analyzing a patient’s genetic code in the context of molecular therapies, Tempus seeks to empower physicians to make real-time data-driven decisions based on the analysis of a patient’s unique pathology. In addition to the interpretation of a person’s genomic profile, Tempus is also committed to working with physicians and researchers to aid in the discovery of novel biological therapies that may arise through the analysis of our large and growing data set of cancer genomes.


Tempus’ proprietary approach to data analytics utilizes cutting-edge genomic sequencing and analysis methods to help doctors obtain a deeper understanding of the functional genomic landscape of the patient’s tumor. Tempus works within a hospital’s existing infrastructure to augment the care that physicians are able to provide. We empower oncologists and pathologists by arming them with data and insight that comes from our proprietary data analytics tools.


Our analytic tools will allow a physician to gain a broad understanding of a patient’s cancer. Tempus collects and analyzes large amounts of genomic data using statistical analysis and proprietary algorithms to uncover opportunities to assist a patient’s physician in providing more precise and personalized medicine. Tempus works hand-in-hand with physicians and researchers to help uncover targeted therapies.


Tempus will deliver a detailed report to a patient’s physician that includes information to be used and considered in developing the patient’s care plan and treatment. The report will contain the results of the patient’s genomic sequencing, as well as any actionable targets that may exist and clinical trials that may be available and appropriate, along with other relevant clinical information and a contextual comparison of a patient’s genomic profile across similar patient populations.

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