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What We Offer


From the standalone community hospital to the multi-site academic medical center, our genomic profiling and clinical decision tools are designed for oncologists everywhere.
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Neurology & Psychiatry

For mental health professionals, our pharmacogenomic (PGx) results and gene-drug interaction information can help make precision medicine a reality for all their patients.
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For clinicians associated with advanced research initiatives, Tempus provides next generation genomic profiling, biological organoid modeling, image/pattern AI recognition, and the full range of clinical trial and research collaborations.
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Life Sciences

For our industry partners, our genomic profiling, clinical trial recruitment services, and real-world datasets can be tailored to meet your needs at every stage of the research and development pipeline.
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Infectious diseases

Starting with COVID-19, and extending into the broad range of viral infections, Tempus offers frontline testing, next generation sequencing, and clinical research capabilities to understand and combat these diseases.
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