1.4 Biological Modeling

With Tempus|M We Have The Ability To...

Identify and validate therapeutic response patterns in patient derived organoids (PDOs)

Analyze phenotypic, therapeutic, outcomes, and molecular data attributes of PDOs and compare to the Tempus database of clinical and molecular data from primary tumors

Provide PDO results to research institutions to inform clinical trials, drug development, and ongoing research projects

Our Modeling Lab Process

  1. Receive primary samples from biopsies or surgical resections
  2. Grow tissue samples into 3D organoids that are cultured in our proprietary matrix
  3. Sequence the primary tissue sample and organoids to determine therapeutically relevant gene alterations and expression
  4. Maintain a state-of-the-art, full service biobank containing cryopreserved organoids, PDX and primary samples
  5. Test standard of care and experimental therapies on organoids to achieve individualized results for the PDO