July 26 — 28, 2023 BOSTON, MA

Tabletop #29
Conference Session

3rd Annual mRNA-Based Therapeutics Summit

Tempus is advancing precision medicine through the practical application of artificial intelligence in healthcare. We are glad to support RWD studies and precision oncology through RNA-seq and our multimodal data.

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Conference Session
July 27, 2023
live session
12:00pm – 12:30pm

The Westin Boston Seaport
425 Summer Street, Boston, MA
Josh SK Bell, Senior Director, Enterprise Strategy (Tempus)

Multimodal Real-World Data for Accelerating Translational Research & De-Risking Drug Development: RNA Seq in Precision Oncology

Harmonized multimodal data sources can help researchers uncover actionable biomarkers and signatures of response or resistance

Whole transcriptome RNA sequencing unlocks a range of insights beyond the reach of traditional DNA-based methods, facilitating novel fusion detection, alternative splicing events, disease subtyping, and prognostic/ predictive signatures

Tempus is at the forefront of leveraging RNA sequencing data at scale to accelerate development and improve the probability of success of the next class of precision medicines

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