2.1 Genomic Profiling


A different approach to next-generation sequencing

We provide access to a portfolio of comprehensive genomic profiling services for a variety of clinical sequencing needs.


Targeted Panel of 648 genes

Solid Tumor + Normal Test

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19,000 genes

Whole Exome Test

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Targeted Panel of 105 genes

Liquid Biopsy Test

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Tempus xG (powered by GeneDx)

52-gene germline panel

Hereditary Cancer Test

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Capable of analyzing and reporting on individual genes with clinical significance for specific cancer subtypes.

DNA sequencing using tumor/normal match

Utilizing our proprietary xT and xE assays, we perform a tumor/normal matched analysis by sequencing both a tumor DNA sample and a normal DNA sample (blood or saliva) to ensure that your report accurately distinguishes between your patient’s somatic and germline variants.

RNA sequencing

Utilizing our proprietary RNA extraction protocols, we perform high-quality RNA sequencing on all samples we sequence through our xT and xE panels, where specimen quality and quantity allow. Profiling of the whole RNA transcriptome provides molecular information that is complementary to DNA sequencing and can be clinically important. This allows for clinically validated unbiased translocation detection.

Auto-conversion option to liquid biopsy

Through a simple automatic conversion selection, a biopsy-based Tempus|xT test can be converted to a blood-based Tempus|xF test in the event of an insufficient tumor tissue sample.

*Beaubier et al. Nature Biotechnology. 2019.

The tempus SEQUENCING lab

Bringing data and technology into clinical care

We operate CAP-accredited, CLIA-certified robotic sequencing labs in Chicago, Atlanta, and Raleigh with automated bioinformatics and variant classification reporting. Sequencing is completed within 8-10 days on average of receiving patient samples.

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The Benefits of Combining Molecular and Clinical Data for Patients

“Extensive molecular profiling combined with clinical data identifies targeted therapies and clinical trials […] and paired tumor/normal plus transcriptome sequencing outperforms tumor-only DNA panel testing.”

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Combined DNA and RNA sequencing using Tempus|xT increased the high level therapy matching rate to 43.4% of patients.

Follow-Up Testing Covered Under Tempus Financial Assistance*

Any US-based patient who receives Tempus testing may apply for our Financial Assistance Program. If approved, the program covers all medically necessary xT (solid), xF (liquid) and xG (hereditary) testing within 18 months of approval.

* Tempus testing is always conducted based on the medical judgement of an ordering physician.

This is data-driven precision medicine.

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