Tempus xG/xG+ Hereditary Cancer Germline Testing (Powered by GeneDx)

The xG and xG+ assays are validated hereditary cancer tests that detect various types of germline alterations associated with inherited cancer risk.

xG+ (extended hereditary cancers) includes an 88 gene DNA seq panel associated with both common and more rare hereditary cancer types.

xG (common hereditary cancers) includes a 52 gene DNA seq panel associated with six of the most common hereditary cancer types (breast, ovarian, colorectal, endometrial, prostate, pancreatic).


Up to 10% of all cancers are associated with hereditary cancer syndromes.1

Germline or hereditary cancer genetic testing can help determine whether there is a genetic variant being passed down in the family.

Indications for Hereditary Cancer Testing


10–21 days from testing onset


xG and xG+ provides validated germline testing to confirm potential findings identified on somatic reports.


Provides the opportunity for confirmatory testing in patients who may not otherwise qualify for germline testing based on age, family history, or tumor type.

The xG and xG+ tests may also be utilized to assess variants suspicious for germline presence detected on tumor only sequencing or liquid biopsy and to test for Lynch syndrome for MSI-High tumors.

Patient genetic counseling services are available through our partner, GeneDX Genetic Counseling. To request a genetic counseling consultation for your patient, please submit a completed referral form to support@tempus.com.

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Ordering Flexibility

Tempus offers a variety of options to customize molecular profiling for patients.

  • Order germline and somatic testing in combination to obtain comprehensive results
  • Streamlined ordering process through Tempus Hub, paper requisition, or directly from your EHR
  • Familial variant/cascade testing is available for at-risk family members at no additional cost if ordered within 90 days of original xG+ or xG report. Must be submitted by a qualified healthcare professional. Download the Familial Variant Testing Form.
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Financial Assistance

We help provide access to our tests for all patients in financial need

Approval of the financial assistance application is based on your household income and takes into account all life circumstances. Once a financial assistance application is submitted either online or over the phone, you will receive a decision at the time of submission. 

  • Step 1

    Apply for financial assistance online at access.tempus.com.

  • Step 2

    If approved, you will know immediately about the maximum out-of-pocket cost of your testing.

  • Step 3

    Please contact billing@tempus.com if you are concerned about out-of-pocket costs and would like to discuss your options.

    All U.S.-based patients are eligible to apply for financial assistance regardless of insurance status. For uninsured and international patients, we offer a self-pay option. If you have any questions, please email patients@tempus.com.

  1. Family Cancer Syndromes. American Cancer Society; Available from: www.cancer.org/cancer/cancer-causes/genetics/family-cancer-syndromes.html

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