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High-throughput solutions delivering comprehensive datasets for a critical, integrated, and holistic understanding of your population

Tempus offers a broad range of technologies to support research and development, including genotyping, methylation, NGS, and proteomics.


Integrating Omics in R&D: A new era of biomedical research

Join us as we explore how multi-omics is reshaping the research landscape. Gain valuable insights from industry leaders as we: dive into the integration of diverse omics data, from NGS to proteomics, in research; discuss the transformative role of multi-omics in understanding complex disease mechanisms; and explore how multi-omics is personalizing clinical research for precision medicine.

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Our wide portfolio of genotyping solutions fit the needs of small and high volume data projects:


  • Medium to high throughput volumes
  • Multiple arrays for GWAS sample analysis
  • Arrays and boosters for a wide variety of testing, such as PGx


  • Medium to high throughput volumes
  • Enables GWAS, PGx, and Gene Expression analysis
  • 24, 96 sample formats
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We have robust methylation solutions with an optimized workflow for high quality data
  • Extensive experience running Illumina Infinium EPIC.v2 935k Bead Chip at a cost-effective price
  • Assay can provide data for research applications such as methylation profiling and biological age calculations
  • Supports data generation for EWAS analysis
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The full Illumina NGS suite of instruments, including NovaSeqX+

Whole Genome / Exome / Transcriptome Sequencing

  • Faster, powerful Whole Genome sequencing at an affordable price (30x-200x)
  • Cost-effective Low Pass WGS, with or without imputation, delivering large data quantities
  • Whole exome and whole transcriptome sequencing with flexible coverage


  • Supports microbiome analysis through shotgun  or 16s rRNA sequencing  
  • 16S rRNA sequencing analyzes the prokaryotic 16S ribosomal RNA gene (1500 bp), which contains 9 variable regions (species-specific)
  • Excellent resource for gut microbiome monitoring or ongoing research
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Explore the proteome with the Olink platforms*, designed for advanced biomarker discovery and multi-omic analysis. These technologies excel in measuring protein concentrations across various sample types, including plasma, serum, and more.

Olink Explore 3072

  • Quantify ~2,400 protein targets
  • Designed for high-throughput biomarker discovery
  • Optimal for exploratory proteomics and multi-omic studies
  • Access eight targeted 384-plex panels for disease-specific and biological process research**

Olink Explore HT

  • Measure ~5,400 protein targets
  • Achieve high specificity with minimal sample requirements
  • Equipped with user-friendly data tools, suitable for all project sizes
  • Employ a single-panel approach for efficient high-throughput analysis and a streamlined workflow
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Our differentiators

  • Strong partnership

    and collaboration to find custom solutions for successful outcomes

  • High quality data

    from automated workflows across Multi-omic platforms

  • Fast turnaround time

    on average 10 days from batch creation

  • Wide range of technology

    With US-based labs, including processing and customer support

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Our Impact

It is great to have a familiar genomic service provider in Atlanta. [Tempus Multi-omics] brings a lot of experience and has provided responsive and cost-effective methylation and gene expression profiling for us on multiple occasions.

Dr. Greg Gibson, Professor and Director, Center for Integrative Genomics, Georgia Institute of Technology

Our Impact

The UC Athena project is utilizing [Tempus Multi-omics]’s expert capability to screen for genome variants in the context of cancer.

Dr. Laura van’t Veer, Professor and Endowed Chair in Cancer Research, Department of Laboratory Medicine, UCSF

Our Impact

We were attracted to [Tempus Multi-omics] because of their outstanding quality and service oriented approach as well as their know-how in molecular genetic technologies. The unique partnership with [Tempus Multi-omics] will allow us to expand our comprehensive suite of services that have successfully supported the pharma market for nine years. Through this collaboration, we will be able to better serve all of our customers in the US, with the unmatched quality and value-added services that we have established over the past nine years.

Dr. Thomas Henkel, CEO of Targos

Our Impact

We are very pleased to be working with [Tempus Multi-omics]. They are a leading provider of genetic technologies, with advanced capabilities, including next generation forensic profiling solutions, and most importantly excellent service This combination is critical to advancing the future of forensic investigation. We have already achieved success in several of recent projects that we have completed together.

Dr. Laurence Rubin, CEO of Identitas

Our Impact

[Tempus Multi-omics] is a leader in molecular genetic technologies, and is particularly known for its outstanding delivery of service.

Don Rule, CEO of Translational Software

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*Our proteomics technologies, including the advanced Olink and SomaLogic platforms, are designated for Research Use Only (RUO). They can be utilized for various research purposes, such as:

  • Retrospective analysis of clinical samples from an existing or previously closed clinical study and/or
  • Exploratory endpoint analysis within an existing clinical study or a clinical study still to be opened.

**Tailor your research with our customizable options; choose from eight specific 384-plex panels within the Explore 3072 library to focus on particular diseases and biological processes.

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