ASCO and Tempus Announce Collaboration to Help Research Sites Identify Potential Participants for the Targeted Agent and Profiling Utilization (TAPUR™) Study



The American Society of Clinical Oncology, Inc. (ASCO) and Tempus announced today an agreement to support research sites participating in ASCO’s Targeted Agent and Profiling Utilization (TAPUR™) Study. The TAPUR Study is a prospective, non-randomized clinical trial that aims to describe the performance (both safety and efficacy) of Food and Drug Administration-approved, targeted anticancer drugs that are used for the treatment of patients who have both advanced cancer and a potentially actionable genomic alteration. Tumor profiling testing by a Clinical Laboratory Improvement Amendments of 1988 (CLIA)-certified, College of American Pathologists-accredited lab is required for patients to enroll in the study.

Clinicians who order the Tempus xT 596 gene assay will receive a report that has been “optimized for TAPUR participation” and includes a summary of those genomic alterations targeted by TAPUR study drugs. This designation is available to entities that demonstrate reporting of TAPUR-specific genes in a format that meets criteria established for the TAPUR Study. Based on the genomic findings reported by Tempus xT, the TAPUR Summary will allow clinical sites to quickly identify and screen patients who may be eligible for the study, based on their genomic profiles.

“We are pleased to lend support to clinicians across the country and the countless patients who can benefit from access to targeted therapies made available through this unique precision medicine trial,” said Gary Palmer, Chief Medical Officer at Tempus. “One of the goals of Tempus is to gather as much information as possible regarding efficacy of targeted therapies in specific clinical situations and we are pleased to offer this report to support the goals of the TAPUR study.”

“The TAPUR Study enrolls patients with advanced cancer who are not responding to standard treatment and who have genomic alterations in their tumors that can be targeted with a TAPUR Study drug,” said Richard L. Schilsky, MD, FACP, FASCO, ASCO Chief Medical Officer and principal investigator of the TAPUR Study. “The optimized Tempus report will help TAPUR clinical sites determine who is eligible in a more expedited manner.”

More than 1,700 participants have consented to participate, and more than 1,220 have been treated with a TAPUR Study drug. To learn more about the TAPUR Study, please visit:

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