Community Health Network Collaborates with Tempus to Personalize Cancer Care, Improve Patient Health Through Genomics Testing



Community Health Network announced today it is collaborating with Tempus, a leader in precision medicine and artificial intelligence, to improve patient health and outcomes through genomic testing.

Among a variety of precision medicine solutions, Tempus offers a suite of oncology-focused genomic testing and targeted clinical trial matching. The platform analyzes clinical and molecular data points, connecting physicians with real-time treatment options and insights for patients based on their unique molecular profile.

By understanding a tumor’s genetic make-up, the care team can better understand the cancer and personalize treatment beyond the traditional organ-based classification of cancers.

“Through access to their testing and database, we can provide our patients opportunities for clinical trials of new and hopeful drugs that they may not have access to locally before,’ said Dr. Bert O’Neil, medical director of oncology research at Community Health Network. “The data we will now have at our fingertips will enhance our efforts to provide personalized treatment and positive outcomes, hopefully with less side effects and improved quality of life.”

“The vast majority of cancer patients are treated in the community setting today, and we believe that Tempus’ platform is well suited to provide physicians across the country with the data they need to customize patient treatment,” said Mike Yasiejko, Executive Vice President and Chief Commercial Officer of Tempus. “Our collection of genomic sequencing offerings provides the most comprehensive patient profile, which in turn allows us to match patients to innovative therapies as well as biomarker-driven trials through TIME, our clinical trial matching program.”

Community’s genomics program offers personalized care for each patient through a multidisciplinary team that oversees all aspects of care.