Tempus and the Parker Institute for Cancer Immunotherapy Work Together to Analyze Data to Help Inform Immunotherapy Treatments



Tempus, a technology company focused on helping doctors personalize cancer care by collecting and analyzing large volumes of molecular and clinical data, and the Parker Institute for Cancer Immunotherapy will work together to analyze clinical and molecular data to better determine which patients will have a positive response to immunotherapy treatment.

Utilizing next-generation sequencing, machine learning and bioinformatics, Tempus will analyze select Parker Institute data sets for relevant patterns that can help inform which immunotherapies are most likely to be effective in a given cohort of patients.

“In oncology, and across healthcare more broadly, datasets are small and disorganized, which means that for treatments such as immunotherapy, there is often too little data to discern larger patterns of response, including adverse events,” said Eric Lefkofsky, founder and CEO at Tempus. “We look forward to furthering our work with the Parker Institute as we work to collect and utilize data at scale, in an effort to usher in the age of precision medicine.”

About Tempus

Tempus is a technology company that is building the world’s largest library of molecular and clinical data along with an operating system to make that data accessible and useful. We enable physicians to deliver personalized cancer care for patients through our interactive analytical and machine-learning platform. We provide genomic sequencing services and analyze molecular and therapeutic data to empower physicians to make real-time, data-driven decisions. Our goal is for each patient to benefit from the treatment of others who came before by providing physicians with tools that learn as we gather more data. For more information, visit us at tempus.com.