Tempus Launches Hereditary Cancer Germline Assay, xG



Tempus, a leader in artificial intelligence and precision medicine, today announced the launch of its new germline sequencing assay, xG, a 52-gene panel that specifically identifies genetic variants associated with hereditary cancer syndromes and inherited risk of cancer. Tempus xG, which is now available to order, is performed by GeneDx, Inc., a wholly owned subsidiary of BioReference Laboratories, Inc., an OPKO Health company.

Coupled with Tempus’ leading tumor/normal broad-panel assay, xT, xG provides the most comprehensive molecular patient profile. xG is designed for oncologists seeking to assess their patients’ hereditary risk of cancer by reporting clinically actionable, germline variants in genes such as BRCA1/2 and the Lynch syndrome genes. Through the collaboration with GeneDx, Tempus now offers an additional panel that assesses 52 common hereditary cancer genes and variants associated with increased cancer risks. 

“Tempus offers a convenient and full molecular assessment for patients facing cancer, from the molecular makeup of their cancer, their various therapeutic options, and now, insight as to why they might have developed cancer to begin with,” said Kim Blackwell, Chief Medical Officer. “Germline testing is an increasingly important piece of comprehensive information as clinicians can better diagnose and treat their patients when aware of existing hereditary mutations, and we strive to provide all physicians with the necessary tools to take the best care of their patients.” 

xG joins Tempus’ comprehensive suite of oncology-focused testing offerings, which provides physicians a complete assessment of their patients throughout their cancer journey. Tempus’ variety of broad-panel solid tumor and liquid biopsy tests, as well as additional, predictive diagnostic tests including HRD and TO (tumor of unknown origin), can help physicians identify which patients might benefit from adjuvant therapy and reveal other endpoints that may positively impact a patient’s journey.

About Tempus

Tempus is a technology company advancing precision medicine through the practical application of artificial intelligence in healthcare. With one of the world’s largest libraries of clinical and molecular data, and an operating system to make that data accessible and useful, Tempus enables physicians to make real-time, data-driven decisions to deliver personalized patient care and in parallel facilitates discovery, development and delivery of optimal therapeutics. The goal is for each patient to benefit from the treatment of others who came before by providing physicians with tools that learn as the company gathers more data. For more information, visit tempus.com.