Receive report status and quick access to patient information /// EXPLORE NOW Tempus One: New AI Clinical Assistant Available for All Providers
Tempus One

The first generative AI-enabled clinical assistant that provides access to patient insights directly at your fingertips.

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Tempus One

Smart technology to assist in clinical treatment decisions—anytime, anywhere.

Simple view into order status and signed out reports.

Access new reports immediately and receive updates on the status of a patient's report.

Rapid filtering of patient incidence by alteration, gene or diagnoses.

Review relevant cohorts of your patients for additional insight into decision making.

Quick access to patient information.

Get report information on actionable biomarkers along with MSI and TMB status.

Request test add-ons for an order.

Add an algorithmic test like HRD, a confirmatory germline test or a liquid biopsy test.

Feature coming soon

More insight into therapeutic options.

Learn more about personalized therapy options for a patient based on actionable biomarkers.

Understand potential adverse events to therapies.

Dive deeper into notable adverse events that may be relevant to your patient.

Up-to-date clinical trial information.

Search for clinical trials based on specific patient enrollment criteria.


Don't take our word for it. Hear how others are using Tempus One.

  • Asking Tempus One a verbal question about the status of a test, results for a specific patient, or to look at trends across several patients is super intuitive and easy to use.  It has helped with efficiently getting the real-time NGS answers I need in the clinic without the burden of digging through the chart or individual report.

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    Thomas George, MD, FACP, University of Florida Cancer Center
  • Tempus One demonstrates the power of assistive technologies by simplifying the often complex process of ordering, obtaining, and interpreting genomic testing. The ability to have a voice assistant augment our efforts in delivering precision oncology allows us to unlock the power of artificial intelligence for direct clinical benefit for our patients.

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    Sandip Patel, MD, UC San Diego Health
  • Tempus One is a great platform that allows me to personalize my patients care — in my office, in the community setting, at my fingertips — and to me, that is the future of oncology.

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    Kamal Sharma, DO, The Oncology Institute, Lakeland, FL

Partnering with Tempus is investing in the future

Every new test and data point strengthens our algorithms, predictions, and recommendations to improve treatment options for future patients.