Evolving From Discrete Molecular Data Integrations to Actionable Molecular Insights Within the Electronic Health Record

JCO Clinical Cancer Informatics Commentary
Authors James L. Chen, MD, Martin C. Stumpe, PhD, and Ezra Cohen, MD

The commentary addresses the critical role of integrating molecular data into electronic health records (EHRs) for enhancing cancer treatment and personalized patient care. The authors outline challenges faced by clinicians in accessing and utilizing this data, despite recent technological advancements in AI and data interoperability that aid in its integration. The authors note that while progress has been made in connecting molecular testing with EHR systems, issues with interoperability across different platforms persist. However, improvements in data integration processes are helping clinicians to efficiently receive updated molecular results. This integration promises more tailored treatment options for cancer patients, better-informed clinical decisions, and the potential for improved outcomes and healthcare delivery in oncology.