Impact of Exigent Research Network’s partnership with the Tempus AI TIME Program on the screening and matching of patients for clinical trials

ASCO 2024 Abstract
Authors Ajeet Gajra, Samantha Mallahan, Sibel Blau, Julio Antonio Peguero, Mahran Shoukier, Mohamad Kanaan, Chanh Trung Huynh, Daniel N. Efiom-Ekaha, Hema M. Vankayala, Kyle Kitchen, Stephan Disean Kendall, James Michael Orsini, Sunil Babu, Jessica Hellyer, Thomas Weart, Janelle Marie Meyer, Christian Clifford, Danielle Skelly, Emily Patnaude, Matthew M. Cooney

Background: Exigent Research is comprised of independent community oncology practices with a central patient data repository to support clinical research. The Tempus AI TIME program provides clinical trials solutions including a diverse trial portfolio, TApp an AI powered patient matching platform, patient tracking LINK portal, and a rapid trial activation process. This partnership facilitated Tempus AI to continuously search the data repository and enabled Exigent to increase trial enrollment.

Methods: TApp is a clinical trial matching platform that utilizes patient data, trial eligibility criteria, and NLP models to execute AI powered matching of subjects to trials. TApp searches the entire patient population for TIME trial matches. New patient clinical information or changes to trial eligibility criteria triggers a new TApp search and matches are reviewed by Tempus AI nurses. Trials were opened in an accelerated “just in time” manner if a subject was ready immediately or prospectively prior to a first patient being identified. Data collected included trial activations, number of patients, available studies, patient and trial updates, TApp searches, nursing effort, matches, and consents. Interventional Phase I to III trials and observational studies were included.

Results: From 2022 – 2023, there were 16 Exigent sites in the TIME network. The patient population screened was 244,986 matched to 189 clinical trials. There were 3,179,079 changes to individual patient records and 2,152 trial updates. This triggered 216,712,093 unique TApp searches and 33,083 matches reviewed by nurses. In total, 1,312 patients matched to observational studies and 6,040 patients for interventional trials. Cumulatively, nurses spent 6,617 hours on patient screening resulting in a $330,830 cost. There were 71 trial activations resulting in 312 patient consents (169 observational, 143 interventional). The average duration for study activation was 12.3 days for a just in time activation and 33.8 days for a prospective activation.

Conclusions: Exigent Research leveraged a central data repository with the Tempus AI TIME program to continuously screen a large patient population for 185+ trials. During a two-year period, 215M+ unique TApp searches occurred which resulted in over 310 patient consents with rapid activation times. Future clinical trial strategies should partner AI screening technologies with robust trial infrastructure solutions to maximize enrollment success.

Data Point 2022 2023 Totals
Exigent TIME Sites 14 16 N/A
Patient Population in TApp 213,939 244,986 N/A
Trials Matching in TApp 140 189 N/A
Patient Clinical Data or Trial Updates 1,288,484 1,892,747 3,181,231
TApp Searches 39,675,433 177,036,660 216,712,093
Patients Screened by Nurses 7,581 25,502 33,083
Patients Matched Interventional 2,067 3,973 6,040
Trial Activations 32 39 71
Consents 163 149 312