Somatic Tumor Profile Analysis in a Patient with Germline PMS2 Mutation and Synchronous Ovarian and Uterine Carcinomas

Journal of Personalized Medicine Manuscript
Authors Karen M. Huelsman, Jack B. Basil, Rebecca Sisson, Lindsay R. Lipe, Brett Mahon, and David J. Draper

Lynch syndrome patients with synchronous endometrial and ovarian cancer (SEOC) are rare. When these cases occur, they are most often endometrioid histology and early grade. Early-grade tumors are not often sent for somatic tumor profiling. We present a 39 year old SEOC patient with germline PMS2 Lynch syndrome and clinical tumor analysis leading to insight regarding the origin and cause of these tumors, with potential therapy options. PMS2-related SEOC is less common due to lower risks for these cancers associated with germline PMS2 mutation compared to other Lynch genes. While synchronous cancers are not common, they are more likely to occur with Lynch syndrome. Tumor profiling with next-generation sequencing of 648 genes identified sixteen shared somatic actionable and biologically relevant mutations. This case is a rare example of a patient with PMS2 germline Lynch syndrome with shared somatic variants that demonstrate clonality of the two tumors arising from one common site.