Schedule your FedEx pickup

Please follow the steps below to coordinate a FedEx pickup of your sample.


Complete the required fields in the FedEx form below.


Select the requested pickup date and pickup time. If you get an error message when submitting the form, please check that your Earliest Time and Latest Time meet the requirements below, and resubmit the form to receive a completion thank you and confirmation number.

Important: Please schedule the Earliest Time at least 12 hours in advance. Example: if you complete the form at 8 p.m., be sure the FedEx pickup time is no earlier than 8 a.m. the following morning.

Get step-by-step detailed instructions for form completion


Pick Up Address

Name: Shipper’s complete first and last name

Pickup Street Address:

  • Address Line 1: House number and street of pick up location
  • Address Line 2: Suite, Apt, or PO Box (if applicable) of pick up location
  • City: City of pick up location
  • State: State code of pick up location
  • Zip code: Zip code of pick up location
  • Country Code: US (prefilled)

Phone: Phone number of shipper

Email: Email address for shipping notification

Your Clinic’s OR Provider’s Name: Clinic OR healthcare provider that ordered the Tempus test

Schedule Pickup

Date:  Preferred pick up date

# of packages: Number of packages to be picked up

Earliest Time: Input earliest time that FedEx would be able to pick up. Must be 12 hours from the time you submit the FedEx pickup form

Latest Time: Input latest time that FedEx would be able to pick up. This will default to 4 hours from the Earliest Pickup time

Pick up notes: Additional instructions for FedEx pickup driver

Tracking number: FedEx tracking number on label (see example below)

Shipping Number

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