Community Health Network and Tempus Activate Phase 1 Clinical Oncology Trial

Community Health Network’s Medical Director of Oncology Research, Dr. Bert O’Neil, speaks to Inside Indiana Business’ Gerry Dick on how our collaboration recently resulted in the activation of the hospital’s first-ever Phase I clinical oncology trial through Tempus’ TIME Trial Program. The full segment is below.

Tempus: 2021 CNBC Disruptor 50

Among the many market revelations to arise from the pandemic, one of the most obvious is that the health-care sector remains, in many ways, under-invested. While Covid highlighted a former No. 1 Disruptor whose technology bet was prescient, mRNA vaccine maker Moderna, Warren Buffett’s references to health-care costs as a “tapeworm” on the American economy remain … Continued

Tempus wins breakthrough status for AI-based tool to detect atrial fibrillation

By Meg Bryant March 24, 2021 The U.S. FDA has granted breakthrough device designation to Tempus Inc. for its ECG Analysis Platform. Developed in collaboration with Geisinger, the artificial intelligence (AI)-powered platform helps clinicians identify patients at increased risk of developing atrial fibrillation (AF) or atrial flutter. AF – an irregular, often rapid, heart rate – affects … Continued

Tempus unveils prototype cube that talks back to oncologists

Tempus, a Chicago-based health technology company, wants oncologists to talk to the cube. The cube, in this case, is a device called Tempus One that doctors will be able to put in their lab coat pockets and bring with them as they round at hospitals, asking questions about their patients, the genetic data of tumors, … Continued

Right, On Time

By Chris Anderson, Editor in Chief Precision medicine pioneer Tempus leverages AI to provide personalized care programs to patients and now seeks to bring clinical trials to the community setting with its TIME program. To read the full article, visit Clinical OMICs TIME March:April 2021

CNBC Disruptor Summit 2020: Disrupting Covid

Covid-19 laid bare a litany of public health challenges, which in turn have created opportunity for disruptors to step in and use their breakthrough technology to meet those challenges. Discussing this and more, Tempus Founder and CEO Eric Lefkofsky and Databricks Co-founder and CEO Ali Ghodsi join CNBC’s Frank Holland at the 2020 Disruptor 50 … Continued

Tempus Enters Infectious Disease Market With Large-Scale COVID-19 Testing, Data Initiative

Precision medicine company Tempus has been expanding its data-driven approach to diagnostics even further over the past few months by entering the infectious disease market, starting with COVID-19. In May, the Chicago-based company, which has grown to 1,600 employees, announced that it was launching a diagnostic COVID-19 PCR test at its CLIA-certified and CAP-accredited laboratories … Continued

Fortune Brainstorm Health Conference 2020 | Disease Agnostic: Using AI to Pivot and Combat COVID-19

Eric Lefkofsky and Dr. David Agus discuss Tempus’ pivot to support the fight against COVID-19. Video linked here.    

CNBC Disruptor 50 | Tempus: Health Start-Up Backed by Groupon Co-Founder Joins the Fight Against Covid-19

CNBC | Daniel Bukszpan Tempus, a Chicago-based technology company that offers genetic testing and aggregates clinical information, initially focused on cancer patients. But with the coronavirus pandemic spreading across the world, it’s joining the fight against Covid-19. Tempus was founded in 2015 by its CEO, Eric Lefkofsky, who previously co-founded the e-commerce company Groupon in … Continued

Disruptor 50: Tempus CEO on AI-Driven Healthcare Solutions

http://Disruptor 50: Tempus CEO on AI-driven health-care solutions