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Tempus can support your doctor in personalizing your treatment plan with its next-generation, at-home genetic test to better understand how your body may respond to certain medications.

Tempus Genetic Testing


Using a saliva sample, Tempus can collect information from your DNA to understand how your body may react to certain medications.

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How it Works

  1. Request a Tempus genetic testPending evaluation and approval by a physician, you will receive a kit to collect a saliva sample from the comfort of your home.
  2. Provide your sample to TempusOnce we receive your saliva sample, we will begin processing your test in our lab to generate your personalized results.
  3. Get your test resultsYou will receive your unique test results via secure email within 2 weeks of collecting your saliva sample. You can review the results with your treating physician during your next visit.

What people are saying about our test

It was interesting to see that according to the test, I'm a fast metabolizer of that particular pain medication. It gave me a bigger picture of how my genes work.


The fact that my doctor got more specific answers on what to prescribe for me was wonderful. I was having a problem with getting the right dosage of my medications. This was modified after looking at the results of the Tempus test.


Tempus really helped the doctor prescribe the right amount of medication at the right time. And so my side effects were minimized.



Here are frequently asked questions by our patients

What to expect for next steps?

Following physician approval, you will receive a Tempus saliva collection kit in the mail with full collection instructions and important safety information, including how to collect a saliva sample, properly seal the tube, and prepare it for return. The saliva sample process should only take about 3-5 minutes from start to finish.

How do I know if I am eligible to receive the Tempus test?

Patients in the state of Illinois may submit a request for testing. Requests are evaluated by a licensed physician and must be approved for ordering before the test can proceed.

What should I do once I receive my kit?

  1. Label your saliva collection tube with the identification label provided in your kit. Be sure to include the date of collection.
  2. Follow the instructions included in the kit to complete your saliva collection and seal your sample in the biohazard bag.
  3. Seal your saliva sample in the FedEx shipping envelope.
  4. Schedule your FedEx pickup or drop-off at a FedEx near you.
  5. Once your saliva sample is received, we will provide you and your treating healthcare provider with your results in a timely manner.

When can I expect to receive my kit?

Following physician approval, your kit will be shipped within 24 hours after receiving your submission.

When can I expect to see my results?

Your unique Tempus report will be delivered approximately 2 weeks after we receive your sample.

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