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precision medicine

Bringing the power of data and artificial intelligence to healthcare.

With the power of AI, we now have the ability to


    the discovery of novel targets


    the effectiveness of treatments


    potentially life-saving clinical trials


    multiple diseases earlier


We can help physicians make more informed treatment decisions.

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We can assist pharmaceutical and biotech companies with better drug development.

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We can help patients find their own unique and optimal therapy options.

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We have built a proprietary Platform to make data accessible and deploy AI at scale.

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Improving patient care through high quality testing, clinical trial matching, and deep research data that powers scientific discovery

50%+ of all Academic Medical Centers in the US are connected to Tempus
50%+ of oncologists in the US connected to Tempus through sequencing, clinical trial matching, and research-enabled partnerships
90% of the top 20 pharma oncology companies partner with Tempus
200+ biopharma partnerships
6,000,000+ de-identified research records to power scientific discovery to improve patient outcomes
24,000+ patients have been identified for potential enrollment into clinical trials in our network
125+ petabytes of data

This is AI-enabled precision medicine

This is the future of healthcare.