We are able to identify genomic alterations through our germline and somatic testing options.

Our reports associate potentially relevant therapies with detected genomic alterations and prioritize them based on the strength of the clinical evidence.

  • Tumor/normal match DNA sequencing
  • Whole transcriptome RNA sequencing with validated fusion detection
  • Automatic conversion option: Tempus|xT to Tempus|xF
  • Concurrent and longitudinal testing options
  • Structured clinical data integration
  • Financial Assistance Program
  • Tempus|xT

    Targeted panel of 648 genes

  • Tempus|xE

    Whole exome of ~20,000 genes

  • Tempus|xF

    Liquid biopsy panel of 105 genes


How to order the Tempus sequencing test

We work directly with oncologists and pathologists to obtain normal and tumor samples. Once a physician and patient determine that Tempus testing is the right next step, the test can be ordered by the physician.

Our kits include everything needed for specimen collection, including easy-to-follow instructions, specimen guidelines, and packaging for convenient and fast shipping to our lab.

Contact us to order a test

  1. Retrieve a Tempus blood or saliva collection kit. All required forms are contained in the box.
  2. Complete the requisition form. Physician and patient signatures are both required if sequencing both tumor and normal. Gather accompanying documents as noted on the form.
  3. Complete the financial assistance form with the patient.
  4. Fax the requisition form, financial assistance form, and accompanying documents to Tempus. Once the fax is received, we will request the tumor specimen from pathology.
  5. Retrieve a normal sample of blood or saliva from the patient, if required.
  6. Ship the normal sample using the enclosed clinical pack. Include faxed documents in the package.

Clinical decision support tools

Our real-time support tool connects physicians with up-to-date treatment options and relevant insights derived from real-world clinical evidence across millions of patients, our vast library of molecular profiling data, and our advanced analytics and machine-learning algorithms.



In about two weeks, physicians receive a comprehensive report for each patient that highlights key findings, including actionable treatments, microsatellite instability (MSI) status, and tumor mutational burden (TMB) that can be immediately translated into cancer patient care.

Our reports are also embedded with Tempus Insights, patient-specific insights derived from real-world evidence to empower physicians with the necessary data to improve patient care.

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The Tempus Portal

Our portal allows physicians fast, reliable access to patient report status and results. View interactive and in-depth next-generation sequencing results in the context of a patient’s clinical history, filterable treatment applications and clinical trials, and PDFs of all Tempus reports.

Physicians will also have access to our real-time support tool offering deeper insight into the clinical report and access to additional research and analytics tools. These features and tools are also available in our mobile app.

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The Tempus Portal



We report open clinical trial matches that fit a patient’s molecular and phenotypic profiles.

Matched trials can be filtered by phase, geographic distance, and relevant inclusion and exclusion criteria to find the best option for each patient.

Tempus is changing the paradigm in clinical trial recruitment by ensuring that the right patients have access to the right trials at the right time through both our proprietary TIME Network and Connect referrals to existing sites.

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We have established relationships with more 50%+ of all Academic Medical Centers in the US.


Frequently asked questions

How do I start working with Tempus?

Once you decide you would like to work with Tempus, contact us at and we will send you appropriate manuals, forms, and specimen collection kits based on your specific needs and requirements.

How do I order a Tempus test?

A test can be ordered by faxing a completed requisition form to us at 800.893.0276.

What type of sequencing does Tempus perform?

Our labs sequence both DNA and RNA from tumor samples as well as matched DNA from normal samples. Sequencing options include a targeted panel of 648 genes (at 500x coverage), whole exome (at 150x coverage), and whole genome (at 30x coverage).

Is the Tempus Lab CLIA-certified and CAP-accredited?

Yes, the lab is CLIA-certified and CAP-accredited.

What are Tempus' specimen requirements and how are they obtained?

Tempus requires your patient’s tumor and blood or saliva specimens for DNA and RNA extraction and amplification. Tissue specimen handling and preparation procedures should meet our requirements, which are available here. Tempus handles obtaining the tumor specimen.

What sequencing analysis is performed?

Somatic sequencing uses formalin-fixed or fresh-frozen samples to identify genomic aberrations in cancer malignancies. All sequencing data will be available for analysis, and all potentially relevant therapies are reported and prioritized based on the strength of the clinical evidence that establishes the association between a given genomic alteration and a relevant therapeutic option. RNA sequencing using tumor samples to analyze actionable genomic aberrations (e.g., gene fusions), gene expression analysis, rare and novel transcript discovery, and splice variant detection.

What results of the genomic analysis are included in the clinical report?

Tempus reports on all relevant therapeutic indications for detected somatic or gene expression alterations for which there is clinical evidence linking a given alteration to any FDA-approved therapy in the cancer under study, or another cancer, and for alterations associated with a known or suspected contraindication to a given therapy. The first page summarizes the most relevant therapies with potential benefit and potential lack of benefit. Relevant therapies are prioritized based on the strength of the clinical evidence that establishes the association between a given genomic alteration and a relevant therapeutic option. The report cites all of the references for the clinical evidence that establishes the association between each genomic alteration and its matching therapy and additionally provides a complete bibliography of published research relevant to the targeted biomarkers and therapies. The clinical trials section matches your patient to eligible biomarker-based clinical trials.

How do we know our FFPE RNA calls are accurate relative to fresh tissue?

Tempus uses capture RNA-seq to assess gene rearrangements and RNA expression levels from clinical FFPE tissue samples. This method is based on techniques published by Tempus scientific advisor Arul Chinnaiyan: “Through validation against gold-standard poly(A) and Ribo-Zero libraries from intact RNA, we show that capture RNA-seq provides accurate and unbiased estimates of RNA abundance, uniform transcript coverage, and broad dynamic range. Unlike poly(A) selection and Ribo-Zero depletion, capture libraries retain these qualities regardless of RNA quality and provide excellent data from clinical specimens including formalin-fixed paraffin-embedded (FFPE) blocks.”

How do I obtain the results?

A PDF of the summary section of the report will be emailed to you. In addition, when your first Tempus report is complete, you will receive an email with your unique login information. Once the report is complete, you will be able to login to access your patientʼs detailed report, including both the clinical and research sections.

What is Tempus' turnaround time for test results?

Tempus results can be expected 9-14 days after samples are received (both blood and tissue). Sequencing will not begin until all required specimens are received.

Does Tempus offer research services?

Yes, we work with many academic institutions and principal investigators on research projects pertaining to genomic sequencing of cancer patients. Please email to get started.

Who do I contact if I have additional questions or need software support?

Please call our Customer Support Team at 800.739.4137 or email

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