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Tempus Next

AI-enabled solution to identify care gaps, deploy customized notification preferences and monitor ongoing patient outcomes and precision care pathway adoption.


Scaling precision medicine is difficult

An explosion of precision therapies in market with complex decision trees have made precision medicine difficult to implement consistently at scale.

  1. NCCN guidelines can be hundreds of pages long and usually updated 4+ times per year

  2. 60%+ of NSCLC patients that are potentially eligible for precision therapies don’t get one1

  3. Large volumes of multimodal unstructured data are underused and providers have limited insights into care gaps for their patients

Our Solution

Tempus Next: AI-enabled care pathway intelligence

Tempus Next applies technology, data, and AI to enable precision medicine, empowering providers to deliver the next step in a patient’s care journey and foster value based care within health systems.

Precision care pathways at the point of care

Incorporate recommendations from precision medicine guidelines into your workflows.

AI-enabled solution for deep patient insights

Identify patients with open care gaps in real time by accessing insights derived from disparate data sources.

Real time insight reporting

Leverage institution-level insights in real time to track care across sites, improve quality, and monitor outcomes.

Equitable access to precision medicine

Help ensure all patients, regardless of socioeconomic status, have access to timely and accurate diagnostics, procedures and therapies.

Best in class EHR integration solutions and resources

Incorporate Tempus Next directly within your EHR workflows to deliver best practice, guideline-directed medical care.

Accelerate the adoption of precision medicine guidelines with Tempus Next.

Tempus Next identifies patients using multimodal data from sources like diagnostic imaging, EHR data, lab results, EKGs, pathology reports and clinician notes within a disease indication and contextualizes where the patient is in the care journey, relative to the clinical guidelines.

Tempus Next uses tiered and customized notifications driven by physician preferences, which represent the best-in-class approach to minimizing alert fatigue.

Tempus Next helps to improve patient outcomes by incorporating Patient Tracking for patient with current disease who need management, Patient Lists to search for subsets of patients and Dashboards to track real time insights into a hospital’s patient population.

Ongoing adoption is tracked retrospectively and prospectively, then delivered to hospital systems to help them understand effectiveness of the notification and emerging trends in care.

  1. Sadik H, Pritchard D, Keeling DM, et al. Impact of Clinical Practice Gaps on the Implementation of Personalized Medicine in Advanced Non-Small-Cell Lung Cancer. JCO Precis Oncol. 2022;6:e2200246. doi:10.1200/PO.22.00246

This is data-driven precision medicine

This is the future of healthcare.