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Tempus Next

An AI-enabled care pathway platform that enables providers to deliver the Next step in a patient’s care journey.

Improve adherence to clinical guidelines through AI-enabled, accurate and targeted notifications at the point of care.

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Our Solution

Tempus Next: AI-enabled care pathway intelligence

Tempus Next applies technology, data, and AI to enable precision medicine, empowering providers to deliver the next step in a patient’s care journey and foster value based care within health systems.

Identify and contextualize patients in their care journey

AI-enabled solutions surface deep insights from multimodal, longitudinal patient data including medical imaging data, EHR data, lab results, pathology reports and clinician notes.

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Surface precision care pathways at the point of care

Tiered and customized notifications consistent with precision medicine guidelines in the physician’s workflow reduce alert fatigue.

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Track patients for timely follow-up to help improve outcomes

Patient Tracking for patients with current disease who need management, Patient Lists to search for subsets of patients and Dashboards to track insights into a hospital’s patient population.

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Monitor notification effectiveness and guidelines adoption

Institution-level insights reports delivered to hospital systems help understand effectiveness of the notifications, emerging trends in guideline adoption, and patient outcomes.

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Increase equitable access to precision care

Timely and accurate diagnostics, procedures and therapies for all patients, regardless of socioeconomic status.

Figure: Average time from index echo to follow-up for black and white patients, showing the improvement in black patients’ time to follow up towards the average seen in white patients’ (narrowing the gap).

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Don’t take our word for it, here’s how others are using Tempus Next:

Ensuring all patients have access to biomarker testing and personalized therapy aligns with our mission at TriHealth to improve the health status of the people we serve. Our partnership with Tempus on the Next program supports our quality measures and helped to identify opportunities for efficient and seamless precision oncology care. The integration of Tempus Next into our existing systems at TriHealth makes it a valuable tool for our clinicians, enhancing patient care without adding to their workload.

Karen Huelsman, MS, LGC, Precision Oncology Lead and Licensed Genetic Counselor

Case Study

Closing the biomarker testing gap for early stage NSCLC patients with Tempus Next

Learn how Tempus Next was deployed at TriHealth Cancer and Blood Institute in Cincinnati, Ohio to surface and close gaps in biomarker testing for NSCLC patients.

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Tempus Next for Oncology

  • Reduce undertesting of biomarkers associated with immunotherapy eligibility  (PDL1, MSI, TMB)

  • Identify patients with actionable alterations to consider for FDA approved targeted therapies consistent with clinical guidelines

  • Help prevent chemotherapy toxicity in patients with identifiable pharmacogenomic alterations

Learn more about Tempus Next

Chris Scotto DiVetta, SVP of Applications at Tempus AI introduces Tempus Next, an AI enabled care pathway platform that helps providers accelerate the adoption of evidence based care.

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This is data-driven precision medicine

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