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Tempus Genetic Test for Medication


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Your DNA can help your doctor find the medication best suited for you.


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What you receive:

  • At-home collection kit (cheek swab)
  • Your genetic results, ready in 1–2 weeks
  • A professional consult is available on request to walk through your results so that you can have a conversation with your doctor

Your results may show:

  • Gene-drug interactions for 100+ medications
  • Summary of your current medications
  • Easy to read, actionable report to share with your provider
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Patients who received pharmacogenomic guided antidepressant therapy are nearly 2X times more likely to achieve remission compared to patients who did not receive pharmacogenomic guided therapy.4

Choosing the right test for you

Tempus test

Other tests

Cost$195Costs vary, but are commonly $300 or higher.
Ordering processYou can request to be evaluated for a Tempus test from the comfort of your own home. If approved, the test is ordered by a  licensed provider.Patients often need to schedule an appointment to discuss testing.
Sample collection for testingAt-home cheek swab. Tempus ships a kit directly to you and offers pickup at your convenience.  Samples are often collected in clinic during a scheduled appointment.
Results deliveryResults are automatically sent directly to you and to your treating provider once they are available. Results are shared with your treating provider, but you may need to request your own copy.
Most up-to-date resultsTempus tests reflect the latest guidelines from trusted sources like the FDA and CPIC.Not all tests align with standard clinical guidelines. It's important to choose a testing provider that keeps up with trusted sources.

How genetic testing can impact your treatment

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Our report delivers actionable treatment information for 97% of patients to facilitate a tailored approach to medication. As fewer than 1% of patients are normal metabolizers across all genes on the Tempus test.3

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What is PGx Testing?

What is PGx Testing?

Pharmacogenomic testing (PGx) is a powerful tool for personalized healthcare.

PGx looks at how your unique DNA impacts your body’s response to medications, including your risk for side effects. That information can help you and your doctor make more personalized and accurate treatment decisions.

Studies show that PGx is almost twice as effective as traditional methods for treating depression — leading to better outcomes for patients.4

How it works

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    Request a Tempus Genetic Test

    You can request a test online. An independent clinician will review your request and order your test if approved.

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    Collect and send your saliva sample to Tempus

    You will receive a kit to collect a cheek swab from the comfort of your home. Tempus provides you with a prepaid FedEx package to ship your sample back to our lab. Once we receive your sample, we will begin processing your test to generate your personalized results.

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    View your results

    Your results will be sent straight to your email (typically within 1 to 2 weeks) for you to share with your doctor. This will include information about how your genes may impact drug response for more than 100 medications.

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    Consult with an expert

    A member of our team is available to answer questions about your results. This is included in your test and available at no additional cost.

The Tempus report 

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The Tempus Genetic Test provides you and your healthcare provider with your specific, personalized gene report. The results of the report can be used by your healthcare provider to help select the best treatment plan for you.

The report covers how you metabolize certain medications and how you may experience certain side effects from these medications.

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    Standard administrations
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    Dose increase
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    Dose decrease
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    Additional considerations
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    Warnings & Contraindications

What people say

FAQs from our patients

Can I use insurance to pay for this test?

The fee of $195 is not eligible for insurance, however, the $195 test cost is HSA and FSA eligible.

What should I expect for next steps?

Following provider approval, you will receive a Tempus saliva collection kit in the mail with full collection instructions and important safety information, including how to collect and send your saliva sample to Tempus. The saliva sample process should only take about 3–5 minutes from start to finish. Requests are evaluated by a licensed provider and must be approved for ordering before the test can proceed.

When can I expect to receive my kit?

Following provider approval, your kit will be shipped within 24 hours after receiving your submission.

When can I expect to see my results?

Your unique Tempus report will be delivered approximately 2 weeks after we receive your sample.

What is included in the report?

The Tempus Genetic Test provides you and your healthcare provider with your specific, personalized gene report. The report covers how you metabolize certain medications and how you may experience certain side effects from these medications.

What should I do with my results?

The results of the Tempus report can be used by your healthcare provider to help select the best treatment plan for you. Patients should review results with their treating healthcare providers. Medications or dosing should not be changed without clinical consultation and monitoring, or changed solely based on the test results.

How is my data used?

Your identifiable health information is protected in accordance with HIPAA requirements and kept confidential. De-identified data is used to improve the way mental health is diagnosed and treated. De-identified data may be used in research and in the development of new drugs, therapies, and analytical tools. Tempus’ notice of privacy practices is available here.

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If you are experiencing a mental health crisis and considering suicide or self-harm contact the National Suicide Prevention Lifeline (NSPL) at 1–800–273–TALK (8255).