September 20 — 22, 2023 BOSTON, MA

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Conference Presentation


Tempus offers comprehensive solutions to accelerate clinical trial success through the practical application of artificial intelligence in healthcare. We are pleased to attend this conference and present on how Tempus can support your needs from study design and CRO services to patient enrollment and post approval.

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Conference Presentation
September 20, 2023
live session
3:50 pm - 4:10 pm EDT
Co-Presented alongside Doug Palmer and Dr. Ingrid Mayer, Astrazeneca & Amy Gordon Franzen, Tempus

Value creation from AI-Enablement in Oncology Trials

Tempus and AstraZeneca discuss their partnership to leverage AI in oncology trial design, patient identification and data collection and review its impact on the speed and success of clinical development.

  • Review how AI was leveraged in trial design
  • Examine how AI enablement elevated the probability of technical success across diverse oncology studies
  • Understand the impact of "just in time" activation capabilities on accelerating the time to first patient in, and the overall enrollment process

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